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Welcome back to campus, Pitches!

After a year and a half of virtual rehearsals and releases, Pitch, Please! has finally made its way back to campus! We're so excited to be spending the year singing together in person again. A few things we're gearing up for this quarter:

  • AUDITIONS! We can't wait to hear all of you lovely people sing for us! All audition info will be posted on the website and our social media when the time comes. For now, feel free to fill out our interest form!

  • SINGLE RELEASE! Our new single, Bad Dream, was released earlier this month! Check it out on all major streaming platforms.

  • ICCA! We fully plan on competing this year and can't wait to show you all our new music! Keep your eyes peeled for any fun social media updates.

  • ALBUM! We are still working on our album, but plan to release it real soon!

It's been a while, but we're so happy to finally perform and rehearse as a group again. Stay tuned--it's gonna be an amazing year!

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