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Pitch, Please! was founded in the winter of 2017 and is a co-ed, competitive a cappella group at UCLA. Our music varies widely from indie ballads to upbeat experimental-pop hits, most of which is arranged by our very own members. In 2018, we released our first single, "My Heart With You" (opb. The Rescues). Our passion for a cappella has driven us to strive for bigger and better things--in 2019, we competed in ICCA, released a music video, and recorded our debut album, Made To Fly, whose songs were nominated for three Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and featured on the Voices Only 2020 compilation album! Our latest singles include "Bad Dream" and "Earth," the latter just being released in 2023.


We've continued to compete in the ICCA, placing 2nd in the 2020 West Quarterfinal and more recently 4th in the 2023 West Quarterfinal. Our sets have received multiple awards, including Outstanding Arrangement, Outstanding Choreography, and Outstanding Vocal Percussion. We love sharing our music and love for what we do with others, and we hope to continue performing, competing, and releasing music in the future. Catch us jamming live or rehearsing outdoors on the UCLA campus!

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