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Hello from Home!

Hope everyone is doing well! The Pitches have put a lot of our activities on the back-burner, but that doesn't mean we aren't active! In fact, here's a few cool things happening right now we'd like to share:

- WE STARTED A PODCAST! Learn all about collegiate a cappella and the wonderful, hard-working people that make it happen with Tiger on the Block, hosted by our very own Tony Voss and Jessica Block. Episodes air every Wednesday at 8 pm on our YouTube channel. The first episode is currently up!

- Missing some quality performance content? We've also uploaded a few of our past performances on our YouTube channel. Check out our A Cappellooza performances and our ICCA audition!

- Pitch, Please! is OFFICIALLY on TikTok! Follow us at @pitch_please_ucla!

- Did you see our new logo? We've decided to give ourselves a mini-makeover, so hope you guys enjoy! Special thanks to Annelise Rowe for the logo.

We'll do our best to keep churning out content until we can all rehearse in person again! Until then, stay safe and connected :)

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