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Mid-Quarter Update: Album?? Music Video??? Concert???????

So our fundraiser has concluded and you may be wondering: how have the Pitches been spending their money? Are they doing cool things? Are they actually making the album and music video? The answer is YES!

So far, we have:

- Recorded our ICCA set tracks (currently in the process of editing/mixing/mastering)

- Filmed our music video, thanks to the wonderful Baxter Stapleton

- Worked on brand new music to record and share

- Had our official photoshoot with our amazing photographer Marissa Shankar

And none of this could have been possible without you! Thank you to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser (shoutout to Kanav Ghai, Jean Campos, Kanon Mori, and Dave Hong for coming in clutch last minute), all of you make us so happy and we love you!!!

This brings us to a few more big announcements: our music video has been set to release on Saturday June 1st! Yes, you can see the result of all our hard work in just a few weeks! Additionally, our Spring Showcase (yes, we're finally having a concert) is scheduled for Thursday June 6th at 7 pm in the Bruin Viewpoint Room, so come through to watch us perform one last time before the school year ends!

In the mean time, head on over to our Instagram to watch our donor covers (don't worry, we will get to all of them!) and some cool sneak peeks of what's to come :)

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