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GoFundMe Week 5 Recap

Updated: May 14, 2019

Final stretch of fundraising!! We have raised $6,541 so far, and our fundraiser ends THIS WEEKEND!!!. Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far, whether you donated through GoFundMe or, more recently, through Venmo as part of our social media campaign. We really could not have done this without any of you!

For those that donated in a higher prize tier, your rewards will be coming soon! To those receiving rewards from the $25 and $500 prize tiers, please reach out to us on your song choices; for those in the $100 prize tier, let us know your shirt size! We'd love to thank you for your contribution.

Shoutout to these lovely people for supporting us:

Noa Mills DanTheMan

Matthew Carter

Kyle Osborn

Dayuen Kim

David Berhane

Raymond Bai

Matthew Moore

Aaron Yoo

Akshara Sundararajan

Chelsea Lai

Miranda Wells

Gabbar Singh

Andrew Ng

Getachew Demeke

Lynette Mendoza

And a shoutout to our anonymous donors as well!


Our Venmo: @Pitch-Please

Thanks again everyone, it's been a ride. More to come from us in the very (very) near future, so stay tuned!

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