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Fall Quarter Update

Hello everyone! We are deep into midterm season and the Pitches have been busy as ever! Here's what's been happening so far:

- Auditions for this year have officially ended! We'd like to send a special congratulations to Montana James, Ella Torres, Saveena Patel, Tony Voss, and Will Yoo for joining the Pitch family! Y'all have been absolutely amazing and we're so glad to have you. To everyone else who auditioned, thank you so much for singing for us! If you didn't make it but are still interested in joining us, please come audition again next year.

- We went on retreat! For this quarter's retreat the Pitches headed out to the Nevada desert for some spectacular views and quality bonding time. Pictures and vids are up on our insta :)

- We performed! We were invited by the lovely YOUTHphonics to open for their Canned Wait for the Holidays concert! If you missed it, don't worry--the livestream is posted on their Facebook page!

- We're prepping for ICCAs! Last year was an absolute blast and we're so excited to compete again this year! Stay tuned to hear what we've got in store.

Missed seeing us perform? Don't worry, we're still around! In fact, we have partnered with Awechords to host a joint holiday themed a cappella concert on Friday, December 6th! Details to come soon.

Hope to see y'all around this quarter! If you see us, say hi :)

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